Issue 1: How real is the CRT Danger? Should you work on consumer sets? 5/2/2022

If you've been just about anywhere talking about CRTs, you've no doubt heard about the many dangers of working on CRTs. And I do not claim to disagree with these statements; they are very true. However, what's the real danger all about? You don't die from looking at one, obviously.

So, why are CRTs dangerous? Everyone says that they are, but how?

CRTs are dangerous. Enough said, many say. But no! I believe we need to delve deeper into the topic, for to understand why something should be avoided, is to understand exactly how and why it is dangerous.

CRTs are dangerous when you don't take preventative measures. You must always wear anti static bands, and make sure you are 100% grounded/earthed. I'd advise rubber gloves in case you're nervous, in addition. You need a long, flat head screwdriver, which is also grounded. You need to put it underneath the suction cup looking thing on the back of the crt. When having a crt set open, NEVER touch ANY capacitors. EVER! THAT is what truly can come to bite you with the jaws of death. Once the CRT is discharged, and as long as you do not touch the capacitors, they are relatively safe to work on.

These beasts are dangerous because the capacitors hold all of the energy stores, used to help power on the CRT. This is especially true of the power supply board. You will get a nasty shock from touching them, possibly resulting in death, and will more than likely harm the set in some manner. CRTs themselves need to be discharged with the flathead trick, lest they become just as dangerous.

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